Revelations: A Reverse Harem Romance (Power of Love Book 1)

Three strong men. Three fragile hearts. All in my hands.

The old me would have laughed—or maybe run—at the thought of being in a relationship with three men. But three amazing guys have suddenly stolen my heart at the same time, and I’m starting to realize it can’t be any other way.

Brennan, cocky and guileless. Zach, intuitive and earnest. Davis, brooding and tender-hearted.

All three of them have their complications. Brennan has his pride. Zach has his still-healing heart. And Davis has that darkness inside him. But as complicated as it all seems, it’s also just easy. It’s easy to feel safe with them. Easy to love them.

My best friend, Annie, made it work with five men. I didn’t know until she was gone—but it makes me wonder. Can I do the same thing? Can the four of us possibly pull it off without a single broken heart?

We have to try. ‘Get busy living, or get busy dying.’ That’s what Annie always said.

Is it cheesy? Yes. Is it exactly what I intend to do?

Hell, yes.

***Revelations is a sensual reverse harem novel for fans searching for suspense with their steam and military men as edgy as they are protective.***

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