Rescue Him (Honey Bay Book 4)

bGreg rescued me Can I rescue himbbr Sailing around the world solo my first time on the water seemed like a realistic goal brbr I was proving myself to my billionaire dad and running away from a bad ex brbr I ended up on the rocks Literally In Honey Bay brbr Greg took me in even when I pushed him away brbr Hes always trying to help people and make them happy Even if he cant be happy himself brbr Hes sure the town wouldnt accept a gay teacher and hes terrified of his boss I know something about that too My dad has no idea that Im gay nor that Im being blackmailed by his VP of Sales brbr Greg is helping me fix up my boat so I can leave Honey Bay But my boat isnt all hes repairing and I might just want to stay brbr bRescue Himb is a 40000word hurtcomfort gay romance with two guys trying to do each other a solid a yacht cabin with squeaky floorboards and lots of feelgood laughs

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