Our passion was explosive.

Our recommended read for today,
April, 2nd, 2020.

Sensational romance: super steamy, heartwarming and emotional. Dating the Irish Boss (Holiday Romances Book 2) is another great read by Annie J. Rose… and let’s be honest, who can resist an Irish Boss? Not us!

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Dating the Irish Boss

First mistake was falling for him.
Second mistake was sleeping with him.
Third mistake was getting pregnant…

Did I mention he was my boss too?

Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan.
I was simply supposed to bartend and scope the place out.
Until I got between the sheets with the pub owner, Patrick.
My boss was wicked hot. I held out as long as I could.
But eventually we couldn’t avoid it anymore.
Our passion was explosive.And that forbidden act changed everything.
I wasn’t supposed to end up in his bed.
Or carry his child.

I have to keep it a secret. I had to run.
Years later, my little boy needs a kidney,
And I’m not a match.
I’m forced to return to Boston and tell Patrick he has a son.
The man I loved.
The man I left.
Who has no idea he’s a daddy.
He’ll hate me.
But he’s our son’s only hope.

What if he’s my only chance, too?
What if he could forgive me and we could be
It may be too much to hope for, but Patrick is the love of my life.
No one else could ever take his place.
The place I’ve been saving for him all this time.

What the Reviews Say

Annie has a way of hooking the reader from the beginning to the end. It didn’t start off as I expected, but I loved the change up from books I usually read. I definitely would recommend it! You won’t be disappointed.

Okay, keep your tissue box close at hand because this book will grab at your heartstrings and not let go!! This was a beautifully well-written book that deserves to be read more than just once, so keep it in your book library to be enjoyed again and again.

The whole story is full of drama. The challenge of heart and relationship is the toughest to handle. This is a good story that grips your heart.

This is over if those books that will grab you from the start and keep you reading until the very end. This is a sweet, tear inducing story, that would be a Hallmark movie. At times like this it will give you hope.

This is one heartfelt story that shows when you act with a good heart things can become something very special. I enjoyed both sets of parents and all they do for their families!