Orphan Entangled (Spellbound Shifters)

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The law of the jungle doesn’t say anything about how many mates a woman can take

Raised by wolf shifters I want nothing more than to fit in despite being human

When two new shifters a panther and a bear arrive to tell me that a tiger shifter is bent on destroying me I have to remain strong

I will not bend I will not break under stress

As the pack comes together to create a plan for my protection I battle an unseen foe my attraction to three men

You think you know my story You dont Im the orphan in the jungle raised by a pack of wolves but Im going to write my own laws

Orphan Entangled is a Spellbound Shifters standalone novel It was previously published in the Fated Mates anthology If youre looking for a fastburn WhyChoose listen and a fresh retelling of an old story buy your copy of Orphan Entangled and transport yourself into a lush steamy read/listen.