One Wild Weekend With Becker: A Steamy Forced Proximity Romance

Former wild child and Pastor’s daughter Cynthia is trying to start over. But the small minded community she’s returned to won’t let her leave her past behind.

Accidentally seeing one of her father’s employees naked isn’t going to help her reputation any…nor is spending the night with him.

The pastor’s daughter has been a very naughty girl…


It was supposed to be a simple still life drawing class in an old warehouse.

A way to do something creative and to get back ‘out there’ after a painful breakup.

But before I set up my easel for my first ever art class, the teacher drops a bombshell.

A six-foot bombshell named Becker with bedroom eyes and a dangerous level of sexy.

And thanks to a mix up with the classes, we’ll be drawing him…Naked.

Did I mention Becker works for my father?

As if that wasn’t awkward enough, I know Becker recognizes me as the rebel turned church girl.

Being caught sketching a naked man does not fit with the image of a respectable pastor’s daughter.

But before I can make my escape there’s a power outage, and in my panic, I get lost.

Guess who comes to rescue me?

Worse, everyone else has gone home, and Becker wants to explain.

Before I know it, I’m in his apartment, I’ve drunk too much, and Becker is promising to show me what I’ve been missing out on.

After a wild night that shouldn’t have happened, my father finding out I’ve been a naughty girl becomes the least of my worries…

If you love fast-burn forced proximity romance, you’ll love the One Wild Weekend Forced Proximity Romance Series! Every book in this steamy series is a standalone story with a happy ending and no cheating!

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