Trading one fake lover for another seemed like a good strategy.



Our recommended read for today,
January, 19th, 2020.

There’s more lies off-set than there are in the shows made. His Secret Baby is a hot, Holywood fake marriage romance. The marriage may have started out fake, but the lava-hot scenes and secret baby are definitely very, very real.

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His Secret Baby

It’s a simple arrangement.
He needs a green card.
I need a scandal.

The wedding was strictly for show.
I’m used to pretending all kinds of things.
I’m an A-list Hollywood actress, after all.
And Gael?
He’s a lead stuntman on set.
Big biceps, piercing eyes, and an arrogant tone.
I’d be crazy to fall in love with him.
I only need Gael to salvage my reputation.
To divert people’s attention from my recent fake breakup.
Trading one fake lover for another seemed like a good strategy.
Don’t judge me. It’s a common practice in

Saying “I do” was the easy part.
Saying “goodbye” will be the real test.

What the Reviews Say

I absolutely loved this book syn is a strong woman and bullheaded at times but when she meets Gael will this blow up in her face or will they find love for each other? I found myself crying for both of them as they both have had bad childhood experiences and wanting to duck tape her agents mouth shut lol. Natasha Black is absolutely fantastic and this book freaking rocked.

Gael and Syn will draw you into their Hollywood where everyone is out for something.

They draw you into the story, making you want a happy ending for them. They have to grow up together to get over their selfishness, learn to put the other person first and to overcome their fears of rejection. In addition, life throws some curve balls at them.

This one had my head spinning with so many twists and turns, to laughed at the hoops they had to go through- I shed a couple of tears seeing them lay their hearts out in the open.

I thoroughly LOVED this romantic, unexpectedly touching, heartwarming, and sizzling story of unexpected love!!! What a genuine pleasure this was to read!