Off-limits. And now he’s my boss.

Our recommended read for today,
February, 9th, 2020.

Twice her age, a billionaire, and her boss: Billionaire Boss: A Secret Baby Romance is filled with taboo and intensely steamy romance. Will love conquer over the office rules and the gossip? Standby for a great Valentine’s read.

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Billionaire Boss: A Secret Baby Romance

Valentine’s Day usually isn’t celebrated in the
But let’s just say this one is off the books.

I’ve made a mistake.
It was tempting to sleep with him.
After all, I’d wanted him for years.
He’s the Brent Waltham.
Forbes cover hottie.
Big billionaire pockets.
Every woman’s dream.
And now he’s my boss.
That’s the part I forgot when I gave him my all.
And now I’m about to give him more.
A baby.
Too bad his guilt got the best of him.
He’s sent me into exile.
Miles and miles away from himself.
But he deserves to know this secret.

Or maybe… he doesn’t.

What the Reviews Say

Her spunk and work ethics are what impresses him, but there is also a spark that he can’t deny…until Brent decides it doesn’t look good, having a relationship with an employee so he sends Cat off to the office in London… Can Brent walk away from the only woman he’s ever loved?

For a CEO and a billionaire he’s good at making money but horrible at matters of the heart. Can he wake up before the distance gets too much? How will he feel when he finds out her secret?

Fate has a way of massively interfering. The characters are very realistic as the story, and both are brought to life with the author’s talented writing.

You’ll love Cat and find yourself yelling at Brent. I really liked their story. It’s steamy, attention grabbing and most of all how sometimes you have to forget your gut and follow your heart.

The chemistry between the two of them is from the beginning strong. But Brent keeps
fighting it because He is twice the age as Cat. But after a time they can’t fight it any more. But Brent is constantly doubting. Is there hope for the two of them or will Cat end up with a broken heart? A sweet and romantic book.