Odyssey – Finding Home Book 1: An Alternative Universe Capture Fantasy Romance

Seized – Afraid – Accepted – Betrayed – Loved

Chosen by lottery, Liz Peltier will be kept as a hostage for the next two years, the public symbol of the defeat of her people. Lost and bewildered at what has happened to her, she struggles to accept a new life of complete surrender and service.

Ryan Benault isn’t sure that seizing her was the right choice, but he has a job to do, and he’s good at it. He will make sure she’s perfectly skilled and trained. Liz wants to hate him, but with his unyielding firmness and unexpected caring he shows her that the real enemies might be the country she left behind. And as she comes to the surprising realization that she is happiest on her knees, she begins to see that the people who love her the most might be the ones who surround her now.

But her world is torn apart again by betrayal and war. Is her newfound strength enough to fight back against the approaching darkness?


Odyssey is a stand-alone book with a Happily-For-Now ending. For the Happily-Ever-After, continue on to Sanctuary: Finding Home Book 2.

~ ~ Odyssey is a dark romance, and if you don’t know where those can go, this book may not be the right choice for you.~ ~

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