No Damaged Goods (Heroes of Heart’s Edge Book 4)

Fearless firefighter. Silver tongue. Single dad.
My grouchy hero pushes all my freaking buttons…

The red hot stranger who just saved my bacon might be the end of me.
Blake Silverton could sweet talk an angel into sin.
Fierce small-town fire chief. Rough velvet voice. Drop dead gorgeous.
Don’t even get me started on the tortured single dad thing.

Wintering in Heart’s Edge wasn’t a choice when my van went kaboom!
Neither is gawking at the human bulldozer who keeps charging to my rescue.
If only we could stop butting heads over…everything.
But I can tame a grumpasaurus in my sleep.

Oh, I’m hardly obsessed.
I’m not tuning into his radio love line every single night.
That charred lump of coal he calls a heart isn’t that fascinating.
I can handle one itsy bitsy insta-wildfire kiss.
Those fires some deranged punk keeps setting around town, though…

Maybe I need a hero after all.
He insists on playing house to protect me.
Being under Blake’s roof isn’t scary.
But when the heart falls hard for damaged goods?
It’s out of the frying pan and into the fire.

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow – cupid slaps some sense into one small-town protector who swore he’d never love again. Witness an ultra broody hero man coming back to life for the spitfire he can’t live without. Full-length standalone romance novel with a bold shot of Happily Ever After.

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