Feather Light: An Erotic MFF Romance

Feather Light: An Erotic MFF Romance by Inez Pei
Feather Light: An Erotic MFF Romance by Inez Pei

This Regency Romance is anything but stuffy! In this sexy novella, virginal young Susanna is sensuously dressed by her feisty lady’s maid, Abby. They take extra care with her appearance because she’s about to receive a visit from the Baron’s son, Lord Spencer, who she’s supposed to marry. Abby goes out to lay the feather bedding in the sun to air in a distant field on the country estate.

Susanna and Spencer follow her. The three of them make feathers fly in this lighthearted, explicit romantic read. By the end, the three of them are besotted with each other and satiated by their outdoor adventure.

This book contains explicit F-F and M-F sexual activity and light spanking.

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