New York Vulcans: The Complete Bad Boy Sports Collection (A Contemporary Romance Box Set)

The bad boys of football. Swoon-worthy superstars ready to put it all on the line for the women they love. Meet the Vulcans in this scorching collection box set of 4 Amazon Best Sellers. Enemies to lovers, amnesia, Irish mafia, second-chance soulmates, and secret relationships—This box set has it all, big on steam and naughty surprises. Includes a special, double extended final epilogue.

Includes the following titles:

I’m the big, bad New York Vulcans linebacker with an anger-management problem to match.
I’m being sent to an exclusive beachside retreat to ‘heal’ and ‘refresh’. Read: save my career.
And she’s the sucker who has to escort me.
Problem is, the secret she’s guarding could destroy both of us.

Bad is the new good, unless you’re the most hated football star in New York.
A bad boy quarterback who can’t perform is one thing, but I’m on a special kind of downward spiral.
But it’s not a spark when our eyes meet; it’s a forest fire—all consuming, sucking the very breath from my lungs. And I’m crushing hard.
One shot at happily-ever-after.
One risky play to bring it home.

I’ve got my lucky green jockstrap and an appetite for trouble, Irish through and through.
A smart woman would steer well clear, but she’s decided to head right for the pretty blue eyes of the storm.
Helping a stranger in need is one thing, but dating a Vulcan is quite another.

I’m the football star with the blue eyes and broken memory making waves on the Brain Injury Ward.
Amnesia is a rare and sometimes dangerous condition, even for an alpha male.
But the more time I spend with her, the further I fall into her orbit, connecting on a level far deeper and private than I ever imagined.
I want to tear myself open and let her see it all, the black and inky heart of a sinner.

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