Naughty romance: Image is everything in Washington.

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November, 29th, 2020.

An enemies to lovers romance to keep you up all night… White House Affair: An Enemies to Lovers Romance is a full-length standalone romance novel, no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a HEA you’ll never expect!

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White House Affair:
An Enemies to Lovers Romance

He is used to getting what he wants. And now he wants me. But can I really trust him?

A shrieking hot stranger saves me on my way home from my college graduation party.
He looks like a GQ model. Plus, he’s charming, intelligent, and funny.
I figure I’ll never see him again, so why not have a little fun?

He brings me to his apartment, and we spend the wildest night of my life.
But when I start my new job the next morning I’m in shock:
My unexpected Romeo from last night is my new boss!
Matthew Storm. Billionaire Senator. Political powerhouse.

He pretends he doesn’t know me when I introduce myself to his team.
Yet when we’re alone, his hands on my body drive me crazy.
We can’t been seen together – after all, image is everything in Washington.
But this only seems to ignite his passion even more.

The more covert time we spend together, the more complicated things become.
People think Matthew is a “good boy” and an all-American kind of guy.
But there is a dark side about him that the public doesn’t know.
And the deeper I dig, the more secrets I discover.

When I understand Matthew’s real plan, it’s nearly too late.
A plan that will not only be his, but also my downfall…

Can I get out of this wicked game before my heart is crushed to pieces and my career is ruined – or is there a chance for us after all?

What the Reviews Say

Tthe tantalizing, romantic, rising star story of Matthew and Michaela. This was a story that I really immersed myself in!!!! It was intriguing, exciting, and followed this duo’s rise up the political ladder and what it took to get them there….together!!!! Absolutely astounding story!!!! HUGELY romantic….Couldn’t put it down!!! It was long….but, well worth it!!!!

Fantastic read. I enjoyed this book. I love all of Sarah Brooks’s books and this one doesn’t disappoint. This book grabs you and then twists and turns but that is what makes this book great. Will Kayla and Matthew survive the romantic and political land mines or won’t they? Read this book and find out!

The book is much different that what I expected, there is a love story, but I still wonder if the love story is about themselves or each other! Sara did a great job here, this was surely unexpected!

Filled with devious twists and turns, and things Kayla never dreamed she would do to get ahead in politics, this story left me guessing until the very end. Politics are a lot dirtier than this book makes them seem. Fascinating! I couldn’t put it down!

An exciting well written suspenseful political romance. This intriguing storyline had me captivated page after page with drama, murder, suspense, passion, love, twists and turns in a gripping plot. The characters are interesting, and have undeniable passion leading to steamy scenes and lots of love!