My Fierce Protector

bZaneb brbr I was raised up on the roughest streets of Bostonbr Only my three best friends saved me from staying on them foreverbr Together we fought our way to the top of the security industrybr Now weve dedicated our lives to protecting othersbr And helping the kids we used to bebr Now I have a new clientbr A beautiful sensual golden girl from Californiabr She came from a different world entirelybr But now shes playing by my rulesbr Because Im the only one who can protect her brbrbr bLysb brbr Hes all thats standing between me and dangerbr But no woman could feel entirely safe with a man like himbr My whole life is on hold until he figures out who is threatening mebr But what Im really afraid of is how good it feels to be with himbr Hes trying to keep things professionalbr But as long as were pretending to be engagedbr Lines are going to get crossedbr I feel so safe sleeping in his bed and living in his worldbr But someone out there is looking for mebr Will my life will ever go back to normal brbr bDo I even want it tob

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