Mountain Man’s Lucky Charm: A Single Dad Romance (Mountain Men of Liberty)

“You’re the only family these babies have.”

Life is gravy until a call turns it all around.
1. My idiot brother is behind bars.
2. He’s the father of two little girls.
3. And some fool in charge assigns ME as their legal guardian.

I’m ready to give the judge a piece of my mind.
But the minute I see my nieces for the very first time I’m speechless.
And just like that, my mountainous walls slowly begin to crumble…

Two adorable little angels.
Scared and alone.
They don’t deserve this.
Now it’s up to me to make this right.

And just like that I meet the girl of my dreams.
Answering my pathetic questions on an online parenting forum.
To be honest I thought she was a he.
She’s actually a smart sexy single mom to two little boys.
THE definition of MILF. And one h*ll of a mom.

I’d give anything for a chance to make a family with Alex.
But, can she ever see herself with a known playboy?

One thing’s for certain, St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner…
I’ll use my Irish luck to charm my way into one special girl’s heart – wish me luck.

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