Miranda’s Paranormal Quickies : The Bad Girls Collection Book 1-4

Miranda’s Paranormal Quickies Collection is a collection of Miranda’s short stories designed to be read quickly but with a satisfying goodness.

Book One-Haunted
Maxine’s Halloween is interrupted, first by teenagers after the party of the century, and then by a vampire. When you’re a ghost, very little scares you, and Maxine is just surprised he can see her. After 19 years of loneliness, Beau the vampire comes along and changes everything.

Book Two-A Very Shifter Christmas
Going for a run didn’t seem risky, but it changes Charlie’s life forever and she starts to see things a little different than she had before. She doesn’t want to be her family’s doormat anymore, and by golly, she’s just not going to take it anymore.

It’s time to make some changes, and she knows he’s the one to do it with. She just doesn’t know exactly how much one man can change your life.

Book Three-Wolf Reunion
He was all I ever wanted. But was it stupid to wait 10 years for a man that disappeared on prom night so long ago?

Her memory was the only thing that got me through the hell I’d been through over the last ten years. I’m finally free, but is she? Did the woman I promise to love until the day I died wait for me, or did she give up? I’m about to find out. And if she’s not free, I’m not certain what my wolf will do. There’s one thing for certain. I want her. And somehow, I will have her. I’m the new Alpha in town, after all.

Book Four-Hope’s Harbor Shifters
Audrey is newly single and wants to have the time of her life.
Gideon and Tommy promised both.
But they come with secrets.
Those secrets could break her, and they could be deadly.
When she has one pair of golden cat eyes and a pair of dark gray wolf eyes staring her down, life gets hard. Which should she choose?
And should she take them up on the promise that she don’t have to choose at all?

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