Lumberjack’s Baby: A Single Daddy Romance

Once you go Lumberjack, you never go back.

Some see a hard criminal, incapable of love.
But my instincts tell me there’s much more to the hot single daddy than meets the eye.

Axel saved my life.
And the way I feel around the ruggedly handsome woodsman is indescribable.

This won’t be easy.
And every cell in my body is telling me to walk away.

But if the baby in my belly is going to have a father…
I can’t imagine anyone more worthy. Got wood?

K.C. Crowne is an International Bestselling Author and Amazon Top 8 Bestseller.

This is a fully standalone romance from the Lumberjacks of Grizzly Falls Series. This is a lumberjack, M.C., mountain man, single daddy romantic suspense, and Axel’s story. Each book can be read on its own. Transport yourself into the breathtaking mountains of Grizzly Falls, as we follow several rugged Lumberjacks in their quests to find lasting love. Enjoy!

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