Love awaits them where they least expect it.

A reckless duke, a dashing earl, a brooding lord and an arrogant baron…

Our pick of Sweet and/or Clean Romance for today,
November, 7th, 2019.

LAn incredible box set of four fantastic books by a superb clean Regency author! Binge read the entire Scandals of Scarcliffe Hall: A Four Book Box Set today and be transported back into a world of gentlefolk, sprawling country estates and the sweetest of romances. 

Grab your copy today for just 99c or FREE on KU.


Scandals of Scarcliffe Hall: A Four Book Box Set

A reckless duke, a dashing earl, a brooding lord and an arrogant baron retire to Scarcliffe Hall for a summer of freedom, only to find that love awaits them where they least expect it.

These four captivating, clean Regency romances are brimming with action, wit and sweet romance!

The Earl’s Secret Passion

Two warring families. One forbidden love.

The Duke’s Hidden Desire

A reckless duke meets his match in a determined young woman – and throws her future into jeopardy with one stolen kiss.

The Lady He Longed For

A brooding lord encounters his widowed childhood sweetheart – and they uncover a secret that could change everything…

The Baron’s Inconvenient Bride

In his haste to find a marriage of convenience, an arrogant baron proposes to his sworn enemy…

What the Reviews Say

This box set is marvelous and the storyline great. The writing was expressive, the characters engaging, and the plot entertaining.

I loved this series about four friends who decided to spend the summer away from London in Scarcliffe Hall. They vowed to enjoy the hunting and stay away from
women. Each book is about one of the gentlemen breaking that vow and finding
unexpected love.

Reading these books brought me lots of joy and entertainment. Seeing the pain and then the fight each individual put up with just so they can have the partner they wanted was such a journey in itself

Each story can be read as a stand alone but they are interconnected. That’s what is so nice about having them all in one book.

I loved these characters, their individual personalities and how they eventually learn to trust each other, as well being entertained by the mystery, intrigue and caring which is written into this remarkable story. I happily recommend these books as they are excellent reads.


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