You don’t have to be a damsel in distress to love a man who takes charge.

Breathtaking eyes that can see right through me…

Our pick of Billionaires and Bad Boys for today,
November, 12th, 2019.

An absolute bargain romance for you to enjoy! Men in Charge: A Contemporary Romance Box Set is crammed full with FIVE growly alpha af guys and the women who they simply have to love. Forbidden, taboo, devilishly bad… these guys are the perfect evening read. 

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Men in Charge: A Contemporary 
Romance Box Set

You don’t have to be a damsel in distress to love a man who takes charge.
Sink your teeth into these five sexy alphas and the women they worship. Make sure to bring a glass of water!

Book One – Forbidden Daddy
It’s been years since I last saw her.
And, boy is she all grown up.
Breathtaking eyes that can see right through me…
And luscious curves for days.

I can’t help but think about her putting my son to bed…
Only to sneak into my room after…
For one WILD night.

Book Two – Redemption
Now I’m back.
Older. Stronger. Ruthless.
She needs my help.
And she’s got secrets.
I’ll destroy those that want to hurt her.
And take my revenge.

This time I’m claiming what’s mine, once and for all.

Book Three – Protecting Her
Strike one: He’s my brother’s rival.
Strike two: We met in the most unfortunate circumstances.
Let’s just say I broke a bottle on this head in the middle of a bar fight.
Strike three: For the first time ever, I’m finding it
difficult to control myself around a man.

Book Four – Saving Sky
I’m not really a strip club kinda guy.
I like my lady all to myself.
But a lap dance from Sky at my captain’s party
started it all.
And now I can’t get her out of my head.

Book Five – Protecting Sasha
Her exotic beauty and delicious curves make me want to share not only my last name but also my bed with her.
I need to taste her, touch her and make her mine.
When the mob comes after us, I have a real reason to teach them a lesson.
They have no idea who the h*ll they’re messing with.

What the Reviews Say

Five thought provoking stories that will captivate and inspire you for hours. These stories are well written with dynamic characters but also have you feeling like you are right there with them as the stories unfold.

Ms. Natasha Black is amazing. She has just gifted us with another example of her incredible talent and creativity with this box set. Should you not be familiar with her work, why not start with this terrific collection of deliciousness

Whenever reading Natasha books make sure you have everything you need because you will be there for hours turning the pages to see whats going to happen next.

These stories start off with a BANG and just get better, I would very much recommend this set to everyone. This set has some adventure, some action and lots of that good old fashion steam.

OMG!! Just what we all want (right), men who take charge, accept no back talk, take awesome care of their women and protect that woman also!!! I fell madly in love with each of these stories.


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