Author Lorraine Margaret shares her UK lock-down experience with us.

Thanks to romance author Lorraine Margaret, who is currently in lock-down in the UK, for sharing how she’s coping with living in lock-down with her pets keeping her company.

What types of things have you been doing (or not doing) that have helped you to keep positive and hopeful during lock-down?

I have been submerged in my writing, living inside my head, and trying to forget all the angst and trauma of the real world. I have been speaking with family and friends daily and taking care of myself with lots of exercise in the garden and lots of delicious, healthy treats!

I feel as if I am living in a disaster movie, all we need are a few zombies roaming around out there! I think it is essential to retain a sense of humor even if it does teeter on the dark side sometimes…

I find it useful to limit myself to one news bulletin a day. At the beginning of this crisis I watched far too much television and spent far too much time on the internet and the constant barrage of information made me stressed and upset. I find time spent in the garden relaxing and inspiring, all the tiny creatures are still going about their lives oblivious of the trauma. No lockdown for them! Small treats are essential at this time; chocolate in the bath and lots of body oil do it for me!


I’ve been reading recently too… I adored the Twist Me trilogy by Anna Zaires – I can never get enough of those dark, dangerous alpha males! This story is a deliciously warped modern day fairy tale about a dark underworld prince and his beautiful, innocent captive. So wrong but so right!

What are you working on right now? What does your workspace look like?

“I hope my strange and sexy stories will help readers escape from our dark reality for a while!” Lorraine Margaret, author.

I am currently working on the final edit of an epic fantasy romance loosely scheduled for publication in October. The biggest change I’ve found is that finances are precarious and becoming more so the longer this goes on, so the financial impact of this crisis may affect my plans. However, it’s comforting to know that we are all navigating our way through this together, and I hope my strange and sexy stories will help readers escape from our dark reality for a while!

Mystical, sensual, passionate, intense… Their love is as magical as the woods it was born in, but can it survive in the real world?

About Lorraine:
In a former life, Lorraine Margaret studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles but decided to give full, uncensored expression to her crazy imagination and write her own words instead of saying those of others. She first began creating fantasy worlds when she was growing up as an only child and has never grown out of doing this. She adores creating the vivid, exciting worlds she has always dreamed of living in, where quirky, idealistic heroines believe in soulmates and love overcoming all obstacles and passionate alpha males have submerged spiritual yearnings that only their true love can bring to life.

Lorraine believes too much emphasis is placed on sexual connection and writes about relationships where uninhibited sexuality is an expression of a profound spiritual bond and not an end in itself. She is fascinated by the issues of consent and respect that are so resonant in our world today and explores these through her characters’ relationships. Lorraine doesn’t quite understand how her characters begin life as her beloved babies only to turn into errant toddlers whose thoughts and actions she has no control over. She has decided it is one of the mysteries of the universe and has given up analysing it.

Lorraine lives in England, which is regrettably in the real world, but her mind more often inhabits an alternate universe where unicorns, true love and cake reign supreme. She is currently working on her new novel. When not immersed in her latest fantasy, Lorraine is often to be found watching football or films, dancing madly around the house and eating chocolate in the bath. She believes passionately in soulmates and in kindness and respect towards all beings, human or otherwise.

You can find out more about Lorraine here.