Lights, Camera, Lies: Older Man / Younger Woman Instalove Romance

The new online show where total strangers pretend to be lovers!

I needed to make some extra money fast, so here I was – applying to be a contestant on a show where I had to lie to professionals and pretend that I was half of a happy couple.

I overheard a huge, rugged man tell the producer that he’d only participate if I was his partner. His savage good looks were tempered by the warmth of his brown eyes, but could I really get cozy with a stranger?

Suddenly I was the young “wife” to this older, wealthy man who seemed obsessed with caring for me. After a lifetime of people keeping secrets, it was hard to trust someone so completely.

Even though he warmed my cold fingers, my heart, and the rest of me straight through, what if his tender kisses and sweet words were just for the cameras?

*This steamy light romance is filled with feel-good moments, some heat, and of course, a HEA.*

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