Just like old times. But way more complicated.

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March, 2nd, 2021.

Can love last the second time around? Shh… It’s a Secret (Baby) is a steamy, second-change romance filled with undeniable chemistry… but what will happen when he discovers the truth about her daughter? An emotional and exhillerating read.

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Shh… It’s a Secret (Baby)

Just like old times.
But way more complicated.

I’m back in my hometown after an injury in the NFL.
Simone was my high school sweetheart, but we grew apart.
I show up to her boutique’s grand opening just to be supportive.

She’s got a little girl on her hip.
A little girl with my green eyes.
Her secret’s out after four long years.

It’s hard not giving in to the fury.
I have to get along with my ex and work out visits.
We have a picnic, the three of us, so I can meet my daughter.
Sparks fly with me and Simone like old times.
Later, we can’t keep our hands off each other.

Maybe you can go home again.
If I can forgive her for keeping the baby a secret, Maybe I can make her fall for me again.
Just like old times.

What the Reviews Say

They had a plan to do long distance but it didn’t work out. Four years later David is back because he broke his knee. But Simone have a big surprise a beautiful little girl that David don’t know about. Will he ever be able to forgive her and is there hope for the two of them? A fantastic romance about young love and about forgiveness and dreams. I loved it.

I loved the story though some events were crushing…can they persevere? Can they get over the secrets and changes in their lives? Excellent story!!!

The author did a great job explaining both of their feelings so you could understand why the acted as they did. However, it remained to be seen what would happen when the secret was revealed. The epilogue was a fantastic ending for their story.

An amazing second chance romance! It is well written, well-developed, consistent, emotionally deep, and engaging with secrets, steam, humour, ups and downs, and drama guaranteed to keep you interested from start to finish.

He goes to Simone’s new boutique opening only to discover has a three year old daughter he knew nothing about and the story between David and Simone keep you turning pages to see how it ends. I really did enjoy this book, totally my favorite to date.