I’ve got my game face on.

Our recommended read for today,
April, 19th, 2020.

Oh boy, does she mean business! Falling for my Enemy (Forbidden Lovers Book 3) is a standalone, full-length romance with burning passion, secrets, and drama. And don’t forget the HEA that makes it all worthwhile. A Sunday must-read!

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Falling for my Enemy
(Forbidden Lovers Book 3)

My list of things to do:

Get rid of my (utterly irresistible) enemy.
Save my town.
Protect my heart.

So far, I’m failing at all three.
Jeremiah has been sent to ruin my town.
To shut down the same factory that keeps us afloat.
Psst, like I’d ever let him.
Jeremiah’s too stubborn to back off.
Heartless, right?
I thought so too.
His arrogance is forcing me to take matters into my own hands.
This crazy rich billionaire has no clue who he’s up against.
I’ve got my game face on.
The only problem?
I’m also wearing my heart on my sleeve.
He knows that he’s my weakness.
And I know… that this fight could get real ugly, real quick.

What the Reviews Say

Maggie knows that he is the enemy but she can’t stay away from him. The chemistry between the two of them is to strong. Can she convince him to save the factory and get the man she love? This book was fantastic. So exciting and so romantic. I couldn’t put it down. A perfect romance.

A deeply touching, captivating, enticing story that kept me completely entranced!!! I freaking LOVED this story!!!

Fast paced and well written with a wonderful storyline and amazing characters! Maggie and Jeremiah were great together! Maggie is Fighting to keep the towns major employer open to save the town. Jeremiah is in town to possibly shut it down. The couple have their ups and downs, but will they make it through? I enjoyed reading their story! I look forward to reading more of Natasha’s books!

The characters are so well written and interact with each other so wonderfully that it makes the story come alive and jump out at the reader from beginning to end!

When Jeremiah, an analyst determining whether the only large company in Maggie’s town would be able to financially survive, and she meet it was like lightening struck them both. The story and solution to the problem is interesting and engaging with many strong characters. Good read!