It was the wildest night of my life.

A knockout sexy appearance with six-pack abs, irresistible strong arms, and a tattoo on his wrist I will never forget.

Our recommended read for today,
October, 27th, 2019.

With a gorgeous protective alpha male, plenty of steam and a guaranteed HEA, there’s plenty to love about Unexpected Surprise. This secret baby romance is a sexy standalone that is the perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!

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Unexpected Surprise

A mysterious stranger saved me at a Hollywood Halloween Party.

Now I’m carrying his secret and I don’t know who he is!

It was the wildest night of my life.
And it gifted me the most precious person in the world:
My little daughter Arianna.

Now I have a job interview with a gorgeous billionaire in LA.

Turns out he is my savior from 9 months ago…

What the Reviews Say

A wonderfully great addition to absolutely every romance reader. From the beginning right to the end, Unexpected Surprise tells a story of a young couple trying to figure out the next stage in life while battling a bad part of life.

This book was an intense and amazing read. That Sinclair is one sexy beast. I fell in love with him from the moment he walked into that Halloween party! Yummy!

What can you possibly say about Ms. Brooks that hasn’t already been said? Insightful, talented, creative, etc. the list goes on. She is also one of my personal all time favorite Authors.

Unexpected Surprise is a great secret baby office romance! Sinclair and Reyna were great together! They were wonderful characters with amazing chemistry! The story grabbed me from the start and held me until the end.

Unexpected Surprise is exactly what it says. You get can get a good feeling of involvement, and the effects of the chemistry and the lives of Reyna and Sinclair. This Book is definitely astounding treat to read. This is one those books that you will want to kick everyone out of the room and lock the doors. Just to have it all to yourself.


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