It was a one-time thing!

Our recommended read for today,
January, 9th, 2021.

Delicious heros and fiery-hot romance! Ego Trip: A Cocky Boss Romantic Comedy is a stand-alone romantic comedy with a cocky boss, his cheeky by-the-books assistant, and enough steam to melt your Kindle.

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Ego Trip: A Cocky Boss Romantic Comedy

Two weeks on the road with my boss? Business as usual.
Two weeks on the road with my newer, hotter boss that I had a one-night stand with four years ago?
A disaster waiting to happen.

It was a one-time thing with a man I knew from work.
His name was Oliver Black. The rich and handsome manager of the Botsford Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas.
Dark hair. Icy blue eyes. A cocky smirk with dimples deep enough to trip on.

No one has to know, he said.
And no one did know… except maybe the guests trying to sleep in the suite next door.

I didn’t know he’d eventually get promoted to my department.
I definitely didn’t know my boss would assign me to travel the country with him to keep his raging ego in check.
Two weeks. Five locations. A whole lot of hotel rooms in-between.

This trip will either solidify our business relationship as totally platonic friends and nothing more, or destroy my career. But we already know the answer to that question, don’t we?

I’m screwed. Literally.

What the Reviews Say

This book reinforces exactly what I love about a Tabatha Kiss story. This was funny and emotional with sizzling chemistry between the characters, and so much epic banter. I was smiling the entire time.

There is nothing, NOTHING, that Tabatha has written that I haven’t fell in love with.

I loved them both so much, their banter, their arguments, all their interactions, professional and personal. They just fit together so perfectly. They made me laugh out loud, swoon, hold my breath and everything in between.

I. LOVED. This. Book. It’s MAGICAL! I can’t put into words what this book means to me.

Their love was aa true one and as hilarious as their love was, their story was beautiful. Kiss’s writing is amazing. The style grips and keeps you in. I loved the idea of how they gave each other their favourite novels. I loved every character.