It started with an innocent crush.

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Hi there! Let’s see the reccommended romance read we’ve got for you today, 17, September 2021.

If you love fake marriages to billionaires, secret babies (twins!) and scorching hot doctors, then this is the perfect prescription for you!

General Romance Edition for 2021-09-17

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Billion Dollar Mistake: An Accidental Fake Marriage Romance

I should have listened to reason.
Now, I’m married to an infuriatingly cocky billionaire.

It started with an innocent crush.
The popular boy from the wealthy side of town.
And a dorky girl he teased mercilessly.

Fast forward and the boy I wanted is now a man.
Nothing like the star of my teenage fantasies.
He’s ruggedly handsome and charming.
Charismatic. Confident. Sexy.

I figured there’s no way he’d ever notice me.
Turns out he did.
In fact, he needs me to be his new fake wife!
He says I’ll get my dream job if I agree.

One problem remains.
This was supposed to be a temporary arrangement.

But the two little babies growing in my belly are here to stay!!!

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What the Reviews Say

Once you start reading the story, you will find yourself eager to turn the pages just to find out what is going to happen next. This is a book that you will truly be happy you downloaded.

Sawyer and Jolene were utterly captivating in this fun, fake marriage romance. Their chemistry was red hot. A steamy read with some suspense thrown in.

This whole book is wonderful, it’s steamy and romantic with strong characters and a fantastic, original storyline. I can highly recommend this book and if I could rate it more than five stars, I definitely would!

The chemistry between the two of them was undeniable. The conversations between them was comical. They were meant for each other….

K.C. Crowne delivers in this hot steamy romance! You will not be able to put this story down when reading Jolene and Sawyer’s story it will grab your attention and won’t let go until you read the last sentence. I love this author she never disappoints and I wait on tenterhooks for her next vivid story.

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