It just might be the hottest mistake of my life.

It just might be the hottest mistake of my life.

Our recommended read for today,
September, 10th, 2019.

You’ll wanna STOP whatever you’re doing right now! Because Madison Faye has
another sensationally naughty book out for you to enjoy! 
Brat is the next book in the totally taboo Winchester Academy series. Be warned… your ereader will melt.

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The head cheerleader hooking up with the star quarterback? Totally normal.

But accidentally bedding and giving her v-card to his best friend, the school’s newest, hottest professor?

Yeah, not so normal, and all sorts of scandalous.

Oh, and that’s before they decide to “share”…

Cheerleading captain, social royalty, daughter of a senator, and maybe a bit of bitch? As the reigning queen bee of Winchester Academy, it makes sense that I might hook up with Beckett Truman—the gorgeous, cocky, king-of-the-school star varsity quarterback. I mean that Hollywood script writes itself.

But a party dare gone wrong turns into something hotter than I’ve ever imagined when I accidentally give my v-card to his best friend, Porter.

…As in, possessive, dominant, and totally hot Professor Truman, my new freaking math Professor. Eight years my senior, completely off-limits, and utterly irresistible.

I know I should be horrified, or mortified. But it’s a little hard to feel anything but bliss when this Queen finds herself in the arms of not one, but two kings. Because Porter and Beckett want to share

I slept with the wrong man, and it just might be the hottest mistake of my life.

Each of the Winchester Academy books are completely standalone stories, with no cliffhangers.

Hot, wild, and insta-love galore, with TWO utterly obsessed alpha heroes and an untouched, very, very off-limits heroine. If you love over-the-top, slightly unrealistic, and wildly dirty stories, this one’s for you! 

This mfm romance is all about her – no m/m. As with all my books, this steamy novella is safe, with no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.

What the Reviews Say

What happens when you throw the hot Math and Statistics professor, Porter into the mix (oh and he just so happens to be Beckett’s best friend)? You get one heck of an excellent taboo tale, that’s steamy and oh so sexy!!!! Loved this book and I highly recommend it!

This is one blisteringly hot read!! Forbidden, naughty and OTT in the best ways possible, Porter, Kempton and Beckett’s story will have you in desperate need of a cold shower and an even colder drink. Another enjoyable read in this new super steamy, forbidden romance series.

Like her other series, Winchester Academy is a hot. Porter and Beckett are drool worthy alpha males that makes you wish you had one of both. Anastasia is one lucky redhead. Not for those that aren’t into “shared” relationships. Would recommend for steam and a HEA!

This is a quick, hot, and delicious M/F/M taboo romance story that is filled with angst, twists, a bit of drama, sizzling chemistry, witty banter, blackmail, passion, and insta-love. It’s not just steamy… it’ll have you panting for more.

Madison Faye has done it again I loved Brat so much I couldn’t put it down! In true Madison Faye style this book was dirty absolutely panty melting filthy. I loved Porter,Kempton and Beckett and I loved their story!


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