It all started with a horrible date…

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July, 25th, 2021.

From the bestselling Doctors of Denver series, this is Logan’s story (Hayden’s twin brother). Doctor’s Duties: A Doctor’s Accidental Baby Romance is an irresistibly hot, forbidden romance with a baby suprise guaranteed to melt your heart. A standalone romance in a binge-worthy series.

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Doctor’s Duties:
A Doctor’s Accidental Baby Romance
(Doctors of Denver)

Hot older man. Check!
Doctor with a sexy accent. Check!
College professor who knocks me up. Check!!!!!!!

It all started when my controlling parents staged a horrible date.
Luckily, I was rescued by a fine specimen.

Logan is a walking fantasy,
Sporting a smile and confidence that can melt panties off.
I gladly obliged.

The next day, whispers of a hot professor fill the air at campus.
Then a familiar deep baritone voice sends shocks of electricity through my body.
Sh*t!! Sh*t!! Sh*t!!
I had a one night stand with my professor!!

I want to ignore him.
Forget we ever met.

But weeks later, my life reaches a whole new level of crazy.
Mother nature’s monthly gift ghosts me and that can only mean one thing!!!