Into The Fire – Books 1-4

Hotshot firefighters, smokin’ hot heroes & smart, sassy heroines! Dive into 4 swoon-worthy small town romances in this collection from USA Today Bestselling Author J.H. Croix!

Burn For Me
One alpha man. One sassy woman. A fire that won’t die. Once upon a time, Amelia was my everything. Until I lost her. Now I have a second chance, and I want her back.
One look and the years apart go up in smoke. She’s all I ever wanted. A snappy attitude and the nerve to bring me to my knees.

Slow Burn
I put out fires for a living. I can take some heat. Maisie drives me crazy. She’s smart-mouthed and sarcastic. This town’s too small for both of us. But she works for me. Unfortunately.
She’s brash and beautiful and tempts me beyond distraction. There are different kinds of fire, and this one will make her melt.
There’s only one problem: this fire might be too hot for both of us.

Burn So Bad
Lucy hates me. She especially hates how much I want her.
But she can’t be bothered to even give me the time of day. I should give up the chase, but I can’t.
It’s more than a spark between us. It’s a bonfire. Fate rolls the dice and lands Lucy right where I want her. She needs my help, and I need her.

Hot Mess
Susannah is the only woman who’s ever tested my control. Fighting fires is my life, but I can’t put out the fire between us.
I tell myself I can keep my distance, tell myself it’s nothing more than a little fun. She fills every corner of my thoughts, kicks my control to the curb.
Still, I have this. I can handle her. Then I find out she’s pregnant—with our baby.

These stories are perfect for readers who love small town romance, hotshot firefighters, second chances, friends to lovers, smart sassy heroines, frenemies to lovers, hate to love, opposites attract, slow burn, surprise pregnancy, emotional romances with a dash of angst, plenty of swoon, and protective grumpy heroes.

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