An insatiable desire to claim her for his own.

Our recommended read for today,
July, 4th, 2020.

If rugged, sexy alpha alien types are your thing, then Bought by the Alien Warrior: Elgan is going to be your next favorite read! Read about how a blue-skinned alien warrior and the feisty, loyal Terran female he falls for find their happy ever after.

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Bought by the Alien Warrior: Elgan (Aaran Barbarians Book 2)

Elgan had almost given up on finding his fated mate. Then a runaway set his heart on fire.

When Diamond escaped captivity, she did whatever it took to survive. The streets of Gael were tough, especially for a Terran female, but she had grown up tougher. There was no time for sentiment or love, and fated mates were a myth she’d long stopped believing. She’d saved herself and it was always going to be that way… no matter how hot her would-be rescuer was.

Everything about Elgan’s strong, toned body told Diamond that the whispered rumors about the big, blue beasts were true. She would never admit it, but a deep, hidden part of her wanted to explore every last inch of the warrior.

Something about her scent, the fire in her eyes, ignited a deep, primal spark within Elgan: an insatiable desire to claim her for his own. In that moment he vowed to keep her safe from the battle, to satisfy her in every way and to love her as his own forever.

The only problem? Diamond had no idea just how far he’d go to keep her safe.