I’m not easily swayed… Even if he’s gorgeous

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Hi there! Let’s check out the reccommended romance read we’ve got for you today, 07, October 2021.

An ice-cold first book into a scorching hot series filled with alien alphas and the women they fall for. Irresistably naughty: Glacier is filled with enough steam to melt your ereader! Binge this 7-book series today.

General Romance Edition for 2021-10-07

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An Alien Warrior Romance
(Elemental Mates Book 1)

He’s ice cold.

Both his personality and his skin. When his icy gaze lands on me it freezes me temporarily, but the first time he touches me…

Sparks fly.

The tattoos on his skin illuminate. Then something in his eyes changes, making him less cold.

He needs me for something important, but I’m not easily swayed and the battle of wills begins…

Heat Level: 4

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About the Authors

Miranda Bridges began sneaking romance novels as a teenager and did not confess to reading them until she became a legal adult. After years and years as a voracious reader she woke up one day with a story in mind. She decided to write it down in order to silence her imaginary friends, but they’ve grown in number and have gotten louder. When she is not reading, writing, or drinking coffee she is taking care of two princesses who are of a reading age. Needless to say Miranda is still hiding romance books around the house, but now some of them have her name on the cover.

Kyra Snow a science-fiction romance author who lives in Scotland with her wolf and kitties. She writes about sassy heroines in love with seductive alien warriors who’ll totally make you want to get abducted and probed on their ship. Her books are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, blush, and squirm for all the right reasons.

What the Reviews Say

The dynamic between Hazel and her mate was interesting to read. He was cold and hid his feelings most of the time, resembling his element of ice. Reading about the 2 of them learning how to communicate and navigate their new relationship was fun.

Wonderfullly written, sexy, cold…..but in a good way, emotional and surprising. A very good read with a HEA.

I love Miranda Bridges’ other alien romance books and was looking forward to this one. It doesn’t disappoint. There’s a novel twist on the fated mate theme and some hot alien sex.

Really loved the storyline with different elementals and how they come into their full potential and how that power transfers their human mates.

Another amazing world created by Miranda Bridges, now with Kyra Snow. I love seeing a hero whose tough exterior gets cracked by a snarky human. Xelias definitely met his match with smart-mouthed Hazel. The authors have set up a great, steamy adventure series, and I am excited for expansion of this unique idea.

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