If I can’t get answers, at least I can get revenge.

Our recommended read for today,
June, 6th, 2021.

A wicked-good time is in store with My Fierce Enemy (Boston Bad Boys). Get ready to spend some time with these four Boston bad boys turned good. Don’t worry, they haven’t lost their edge! Steamy romance you’ll love.

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My Fierce Enemy (Boston Bad Boys)

I shouldn’t have slept with Cassidy James
She was an employee and a liar
She disappeared on me two years ago
But suddenly she’s back, asking for her old job
Unrepentant, but sexy as ever.

“Listen, Liam,” she said. “If I don’t have a shot at this job, fine, but stop wasting my time because I left you with blue balls.”

I raised my eyebrows, annoyed and irritatingly intrigued. She was working hard to keep me from finding out why she had left, but she was here in my office, trying to work for me again. I couldn’t figure it out. I stared at her, the moment stretching out uncomfortably, her last words hanging between us. Slowly, the bravado seeped out of her, but she didn’t look away.

“Give me one good reason why I should hire you,” I said finally. “Otherwise, get the hell out of my office.”

They say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer
But I don’t know which one Cassidy is anymore
I’m giving her the job to keep her under my thumb
And if I can’t get answers, at least I can get revenge.

What the Reviews Say

The hilarious side characters were awesome and really made the book, too. Overall I have to say it’s was obviously enjoyable since I couldn’t put it down and I’d definitely read more from this author based on how good this book is.

A sexy, emotional book with likeable characters in Cassidy and Liam who had fabulous chemistry. The storyline was touching and drama filled and kept me engrossed.

This is my first Ava Storm book and I loved it! I read the whole book in one go, it was that good and such I finished it around midnight lol.

This is an emotional read that I couldn’t put down until I’d finished it. WOW!

Liam and Cassidy are great together. I enjoyed the witty back and forth and how they came to know each other better, even when they thought they already knew everything. The delicate situation is resolved into an HEA that I was happy to see.