I expected to hate every minute.

Our recommended read for today,
June, 12th, 2021.

Meet Dr. Aiden, the cardiologist guaranteed to make your heart flutter. Knocked Up by the New Zealand Doctor is a fully standalone romance with a sexy doctor’s in his quest to find lasting love and loads of steaminess and fun.

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Knocked Up by the New Zealand Doctor:
A Surprise Pregnancy Romance

My ovaries NEVER stood a chance.

Hayden’s a cardiologist.
And my brother’s cocky best friend.

I still can’t believe we walked down the aisle.
My brother owes me BIG time.

Then we got stuck babysitting my little nieces for ten nights.
I expected to hate every minute.
But Hayden’s affection for the girls blew me away.

He’d make a killer dad. I thought. That was the most dangerous thought I’ve ever had.
Because now I’m carrying his baby!!!!

A hopeless playboy could never change… right?
Do I tell Hayden about my secret or keep it to myself?

What the Reviews Say

Absolutely sweet story! You will fall in love with the characters. I love how they poke fun at each other for all those years and end up with the sweetest love story.

This is a book that should be read after you have carved out a dew uninterrupted hours, because once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop until you finish.

There has been such a strong connection between them since they were in their teens, but they continued to dance around each other, that is until they were placed in a situation where their will power failed to keep them apart. Their sexual chemistry was off the charts hot, which will leave you quivering in your seat and their back and forth banter, will have you flustered, but still wanting more.

A really entertaining, sexy and fun story with very likeable characters in Hayden and Grace. Their chemistry was fabulous. A very cute book I thoroughly enjoyed.

I have enjoyed the series of Denver Doctors. I really liked this one because it had a lot of humor. It has been a joy to follow the doctor in all of their antics. Hayden and Gracie story was on that kept you guessing until you suspected but… how it all comes out will keep you smiling and laughing. I really enjoyed this one.