I don’t know if she’s innocent or guilty

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Hi there! Let’s take a look at the reccommended romance read we’ve got for you today, 24, September 2021.

A sizziling second chance at romance, filled with scorching romance and shocking secrets that will leave you breathless. Don’t miss this one!

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My Fierce Second Chance (Boston Bad Boys)

Gillian and I were supposed to get out of this town together
But I f*cked up and she left me behind
I’ve spent the last twelve years trying to prove she made a mistake
I got my sh*t together and built the top home security agency on the east coast
Now she needs protecting, and I’m the only one she can turn to

“Would you cover for your cousin if he did something wrong?” she asked.
“Even though he’s your cousin?”
“No matter who he was.”
“What if it was me?”
I pushed back my barstool. The scrape of the legs on the tile floor made Gillian wince, then her eyes widened as I came around the island.
“It’s just a question,” she managed before I put a hand down on either side of the counter, trapping her against it.
“It’s not just a question, Gillian,” I said, staring down at her. “Are you telling me that you knew what your ex-husband was doing? That you’re complicit?”
Gillian shook her head. “No, of course not. But…just…what if I had, and I asked you to cover for me? What would you do?”
I had no f*cking idea, but I said brutally, “I’d drive you to prison myself.”

I don’t know if she’s innocent or guilty
All I know is she’s back in my life
And I’m going to protect her no matter what
Even if it’s from herself

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About the Author

Ava Storm is an up and coming contemporary romance author. Born and raised in the hustle and bustle of New York City, she has opted for a quieter life immersed in the nature sceneries of Washington.

When she’s not going on walks through local parks, forests, or mountain trails with her beagle, Chloe, you can find her reading or writing. Ava finds her passion in writing captivating romances. Her stories are full of desire, sexual tension, and attraction contextualized in the practicalities of every day life. If the perfect romance is what you’ve been searching for, then you’ve found the right author!

What the Reviews Say

Another great book by Ava Storm. She once again brings strong characters with a steamy chemistry as she weaves a second chance romance with tons of emotions, secrets and lies, drama and an interesting banter.

LOVED THIS STORY!!!! So sweet, touching, tender, and sizzling….the past could get in the way!!! What a romantic story!!

Liam and Cassidy are great together. I enjoyed the witty back and forth and how they came to know each other better, even when they thought they already knew everything

I couldn’t put down! WOWZA a roller coaster ride of what each character feeling and thinking. Enjoyable characters and storyline.

This is an emotional read that I couldn’t put down until I’d finished it. Cassidy and Liam are terrific characters that had worked together in the past. She has been hiding a secret from him for several years; however, when it comes to light he is shocked (to say the least).

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