He is everything a human should fear, but I am Karen, and I fear nothing.

Our recommended read for today,
April, 29th, 2020.

Today’s Very Naughty Read is out of this world! Karen vs Alien features a very sassy, misbehaving woman and the perfect alien to put her back into line… if that’s possible! Steamy romantic science fiction by the wonderful Loki Renard – one-click it now.

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Karen vs Alien

I’m a simple woman.
I don’t like my food at a restaurant? I send it back.
Poor service? I leave a review.
Alien Invasion? There’s only one thing to do: speak to the manager.

The alien in control of my world is massive, brutal, entirely warlike in appearance and temperament. He is everything a human should fear, but I am Karen, and I fear nothing.

He may be eight feet of total alien domination, but he’s going to make sure I’m satisfied.
In every. way. possible.

What the Reviews Say

These two are absolutely hilarious!! Karen is sassy and bratty but she has met her match in Tyrank. Finally an Alien who appreciates her brattiness. When she forcefully asks to speak to the manager she ends up in more than she bargained for.

This was such a funny, hot, sexy read, I loved it. I have to admit I saw a little of myself in Karen and that made it better and funnier to me. Loved that the heroine was 45 years old.

This is a great story that will make you laugh and smile the whole way through. I could definitely relate to Karen. I just loved how strong and loud she is. Tyank had no idea what was coming when Karen was removed from the simulation and sent to him for discipline. This whole series has been extraordinary.

These two are freaking hilarious! Tyank just loves the bratty, feisty side of Karen and she finally found someone (alien) who actually likes her sass.

Delicious alien humor and two individuals destined to meet and mate. Not often am I so captivated by words allowing me to chuckle quietly and sometimes laugh out loud. How can a misbehaving, obstinate woman learn to work with a Scythkin alien? What will she try to do? Will she be successful? Thank you Loki Renard for one of my new favorite alien stories!