HOT 4: A Standalone Firefighter Reverse Harem Romance (Multiple Love Book 2)

When I asked the Banbury brothers to show me their hoses, I had no idea they were firefighters!
I’m in Thailand at my best friend’s wedding when I decide that it’s time for me to search for some heat of my own. A little vacation fling is just what I need to turn my lukewarm life into a raging inferno. Except there is nothing little about the guys I choose.
Kane, Karter, Holden, and Harris have smoking hot, rock-hard bodies and smoldering eyes that light me up all over. The boys are sizzling hot and fulfill all my fantasies, but as our time in Asia comes to an end, reality hits.
We live too far apart, and I have a home and a job to consider. Except my apartment is tiny, my job is far from satisfying, and I can’t forget the way the Banbury brothers made me feel.
I’ve spent my whole life encouraging others to live their dreams, but I don’t seem to have the courage to try to follow my own. Luckily, my firefighter heroes won’t take no for an answer. They find me a job, and fireman-carry me to their gorgeous home. I find happiness in a life that is much calmer than what I thought I always wanted.
But can a red-hot love affair between one woman and four firefighters survive a small town that wants to burn it all down?

This is a standalone reverse harem romance. The books in the Multiple Love series can be read in any order. Characters from Big 3 make an appearance in this book.

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