Honor-Bound SEAL (Mission Accomplished Book 1)

She’s caught up in a firestorm she didn’t start. He’s going to finish it.

Home from a combat tour that left him wounded and a fellow Navy SEAL dead, Ridge Dawson is a hulk of a man with a fierce sense of loyalty to his country and the muscles to back it up. Without his work to channel his focus into, Ridge uses MMA fighting to burn off his energy — and the anger left over from a career that took more from him than it could ever give.

MMA and the carefully controlled outlet for his aggression that comes with it are enough for Ridge, despite the attention thrown at him by admiring women at his fights. Or they were enough—until he met her.

Raven Samuelson is an auburn-haired temptress he knows in his gut will own his heart, as an undeniable chemistry sizzles between them. So, when her brother gets in too deep with a brutal drug cartel and begins to drag Raven down with him, Ridge knows exactly what he has to do: fight. Even if it places him in the crossfire.

And in this fight, he’s not holding back.

***Honor-Bound SEAL races toward a cataclysmic end for readers who love their stories action-packed with scorching conflict. It was previously released under the title Fierce Protector and features new content and a new cover. Guaranteed HEA. No cliffhanger.***

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