His touch is still what I need.

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October, 8th, 2020.

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Keeping My Ex’s Baby: A Secret Baby Romance (Alpha Bosses Book 3)


I walked away from Griffin Prentice ten years ago
Not because I didn’t love him
But because I thought I belonged in Paris
It had everything an artist could want
But even after all of this time
Griffin’s touch is still what I need
But he’s changed so much, I can barely recognize him
His life is one big game now
Am I just another pawn?


It took me a long time to get over Claire Bellerose
And I won’t lie—I got under a lot of women while I worked on it
Now tragedy has brought her back into my life and my bed
But just when I think I have her back for good, disaster strikes
I have to make an impossible choice, and Claire has run away again
But this time, I’m not letting her get away so easily