His tastes run a little on the darker side.

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February, 8th, 2020.

Well, that puts visiting a library in a new light… Big Bad Lawyer is a steamy, contemporary romance contains elements of danger, mystery, suspense and power exchange. Powerful romance from a new author you’ll adore.

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Big Bad Lawyer

His tastes run on the darker side.

The entire floor of the law library usually belongs only to Ophelia at night. But after a chance encounter there with her best friend’s boyfriend, Jack, she knows she must stay away from him.

Jack is an experienced Dom, and this little spitfire is not usually his type. But when Ophelia steps up to his challenge, he’s more than intrigued. Who knew a trip to the library could result in a tryst that will change their lives?

What the Reviews Say

Together, there is erotic chemistry when they are together, but how will it last? Is he just using her? What will become of them after he has finished playing? The story has plenty of explicit sex, discipline and BDSM scenes.

Jake is a Dom and he discovers very quickly the delightful submissive side that Ophelia has hidden beneath her rather steely exterior.
A very intriguing and sexy read.

Ophelia Tate would be described as a dowdy, mousy woman. Jack Slayer is an attorney with a record of never losing, is dominant and enjoys the darker side of sex, controlling a woman, and playing at BDSM clubs. What happens when sweet meets dark?

I can definitely say this story was worth reading I was not disappointed at all in this storyline. I couldn’t help but cheer for these characters the chemistry was undeniably genuine.

Once is not enough, even if she isn’t his ‘normal’ type. But there is something in Ophelia he sensed, a natural and hidden submissive and he is going to help her experience what she didn’t even know she wanted.