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Our pick of Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance for today,
August, 31st, 2020.

A new PNR to sink your teeth into! Blood and Shadows: A Vampire Paranormal Romance is a sensational vampire romance filled with sizzling chemistry and a hidden world you’ll crave to find for yourself. Download today and enjoy!

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Blood and Shadows: A Vampire Paranormal Romance

She was a mortal who never knew about the hidden world… 
He was a vampire who never thought he would need to tell her his secret… 

“I never thought you would share my feelings…” 

Jade Mornay’s beautiful art mural has been
defaced, and now she’s dealing with an angry troll. As a perfectly normal artist with zero awareness of the supernatural, she’s quite capable of dealing with the former, but less capable of dealing with the
latter. Thankfully, Jade is a quick study with a
stubborn streak… and she’s got
very good friends. 

Adrian Ward, blond vampire assassin and jokester extraordinaire, knows exactly how dangerous it is to tell his best friend Jade about the supernatural. When Jade ends up tangled up in a vampire war, however, it’s far too late to keep her in the dark. Now, if Adrian wants to save the mortal woman he’s fallen in love with, he’ll have to kill again… and some of his problems have very sharp teeth. 

If you like strong heroines, sexy vampires, and
unforgettable romances, then you’ll love the
Obsidian Syndicate series of standalone novels! Dive into K.S. Blackwood’s Blood and Shadows, and discover what truly hides in the darkness.

What the Reviews Say

Vampires? Trolls? Oh my! A very entertaining story that centered around the story and stayed on track from beginning to end.

I’ve just found a new heroine of the paranormal world. Love the story, the way it is written and all the action and romance in the plot. Can not wait to read more from this author. I totally loved it.

The interesting and exciting romance between Jade and Adrian had trolls coming out of walls, bad vampires trying to kill, kidnap or change Jade and a bit of love thrown in with the danger. Fun read.

The characters were wonderfully written and had amazing chemistry between them. I would definitely recommend.

If you like paranormal romances and vampires you’ll love this book. A great beginning to the Obsidian Syndicate Series where all the books are standalone.