Her Three Rangers: A Reverse Harem Romance

I refuse to ignore this sizzling attraction between me and these protective bikers…

I knew they were trouble the minute they walked into my clinic. Clad in leather with hell shining in their eyes, these bad boys know a thing or two about the wild side. And all three of them want to take me for a ride.

Cody makes me laugh and lets me feel carefree again. Jaeger is a maestro when it comes to playing women, but something tells me he’s just waiting to be tamed. Ty’s the leader and he oozes dominance. With him I feel safe.

They each give me something I need, and I can’t choose my favorite. How can I when doing so would put their brotherhood at risk? I can’t make a choice when I’m falling in love with all three of them. But what if I didn’t have to?

These bad boys already share a bond. And maybe it’s time they shared me. It will take all three of them to defeat the enemy determined to own me, and I have faith in my men. They’ll hunt down this monster just as surely as they’ve captured my soul

***Her Three Rangers is a reverse harem romance for readers who enjoy their alphas hot with a helping of intense, the heat of unexpected suspense and the tenderness of a Happily Ever After. This is a standalone novel.***

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