Her Elemental Mates: A steamy paranormal werewolf romance. (Wolves of Delimbiyr Vale Book 1)

Death is not destined to unite our species, but Fate is a fickle b!tch.

My parents’ marriage united the five elements by bringing a death walker to the throne. No wolf was able to contest their power with my mother at his side—especially after she gave birth to twins.

Ryker was destined to succeed my father as the King of the Spirit Wolves after the War Games, but a surprise orc attack leaves him unfit to rule.

Enter me, the discarded hybrid wolf with the touch of death in her veins.

A relaxing visit to the pack turns into a royal matchmaking tour, leaving me to watch as my quiet life turns into a political nightmare.

My father believes he’s securing the future of our wolves by elevating me to the throne, but there’s something he doesn’t know.

I am Death Incarnate, and I will destroy any threat to our people—even him.

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