It turned into a game. He watched me. I watched him.

He was on house arrest, so all he could do was stare…

Our pick of Billionaires and Bad Boys for today,
November, 13th, 2019.

Lava-hot bad boy romance as it’s very best. Bad Boy Next Door is a forbidden romance with the one guy she shouldn’t want… the guy on house arrest next door. But is everything what it seems? Thrilling, extra spicy and entirely satisfying!

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Bad Boy Next Door

Gage was everything I tried to stay away from.
Until I ran right to him…

I was alone for the entire summer.
The only plans I made involved my pool.
Then I saw my neighbor watching…
He was tall, dark, and gorgeously inked.
Did I mention hot? He was hot-as-sin.

It turned into a game.
He watched me. I watched him.
I teased him with the smallest swimsuits I could find.
He was on house arrest, so all he could do was stare…
Until he put his freedom on the line for what he wanted.

But there were things about Gage I didn’t know.
His past was darker than he let on.
When it finally caught up with him,
I got caught in the crossfire.

He was the only one who could save me,
But that would cost him everything…

What the Reviews Say

This book is ridiculously hot and steamy. I love reading Kelli Callahan because her books are always entertaining.

Gage and Sarah were so hot together! They were truly opposites. Their story starts with teasing and stealing peeks at each other, but Gage still managed to show his dominant tendencies and manipulated her to give him a chance. Their sex scenes were scorching!

Kelli did a fanatic job with her latest creation! Gage and Sarah’s attraction may melt you device but are so sweet at the same take to give you a cavity! Gage wants to better his life after getting into trouble with the law and Sarah wants to be with him but has to deal with her insecurities from her childhood.

What a bad boy! I love it when the male doesn’t fool around and admits he wants more, even if you don’t expect that from him. Love the story and the danger and not being able to know what was going to happen. I thought it was going to go one way, and it went another. Much better!

I loved this book. It is a delectable combination of sinful heat and sweetness. The tension that builds between Gage and Sarah is practically tangible.
Sizzling chemistry, scorching heat, intense emotions.


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