He’s a walking red flag.

Our recommended read for today,
August, 25th, 2020.

He’s not from this world… Alien Freak is the latest sizzling-hot alien romance from Calista Skye. Guaranteed to send you to another galaxy with adventure, intrigue and sensual, steamy scenes. The second wonderful standalone in an unmissable series.

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Alien Freak

He’s a walking red flag. A criminal even by the standards of other aliens that abduct Earth girls to breed them. Huge and hypnotically gorgeous in the same way a cobra is, making it impossible to take your eyes off him.

Now he has abducted Averie.

The straining bulge in his tight pants gives a pretty good clue about what he’s planning for her. But if he thinks she will lie down and take it, he’s got another thing coming. Coming right at his face, hard and fast.

Because Averie is NOBODY’S fated mate.

Steamy sci fi romance with a HEA.