He has to ensure his mate’s survival.

He has to ensure his mate’s survival.

Our pick of Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance for today,
September, 23rd, 2019.

Today’s recommendation is out of this world… literally! Tyral is an action packed, steamy sci fi romance that packs a real punch. A gripping story that will leave you breathless… with enough romance to send you into orbit!

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Tyral (Mated to the Alien Book 2)

One week to live…

Tyral NaRaxos is traveling home to say goodbye one final time. The curse of his people has caught up to him and with no denya – mate – to save him, he will die on his next birthday. But when his ship is attacked by pirates, he’s given one last hope he never imagined.

A price on her head…

Dorsey Kwan has flown through the stars for the past five years after leaving Earth and never looking back. But someone is after her and she doesn’t know why. Captured by pirates, she’s wasting away, every day crawling closer to an inevitable sale to the highest bidder.

A desperate passion…

Ty knows Dorsey is his mate, but before they can thrive, they must survive. And even if they can defeat the pirates, there are worse enemies after both of them. A man living on borrowed time doesn’t care about making enemies, but given the chance he will fight with everything he has to ensure his mate’s survival…and his own.

What the Reviews Say

I really enjoyed this book not only is it about their romance but it has a great story . I liked the fact that it has some sex scenes but its not all about that it also has action.

I really love this action mystery story of survival between Tyral a alien and Dorsey a human living in space. This was a great mystery story full of intrigue, drama, humor, sex, danger, deception and love. Great characters.

They must head back to the consortium to figure out who kidnapped them and why. They must dodge pirates, warlords and aliens who want to silence them. At the same time, their need for each other grows stronger. This was a fascinating alien romance and the authors did an excellent job of describing the action.

This story is fast paced and action packed. These two become mates in a quick frenzied coupling after an escape from slavers.

The sex was hot–yeah! But there was so much more to these characters, and I loved the things that drew them together–survival of course, the desire for answers, and most of all, loneliness. There is so much loneliness in the world. It’s refreshing to read about a pretend world where the characters aren’t perfect, but they are driven by the same things we are.


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