Handsome men with powerful swords and ravenous appetites

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Hi there! Let’s take a look at the reccommended romance read we’ve got for you today, 15, October 2021.

Explicitly naughty romance… even hotter than a dragon’s fire!
If you enjoy sensual adventures featuring knights, princesses and unbridled, wanton passion then you’ll adore My Brave Knights.

Very Naughty Reads Edition for 2021-10-15

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My Brave Knights:
Order of the Lance

Fearsome dragons ravage Britain in the time of King Arthur. The Duke has offered his daughter, Charlotte, one of the most beautiful women in all of the land – a woman to rival the Queen herself, to any man who can slay the dragon vexing his lands. Unfortunately for him, there isn’t just one monster.

When Sir John, Sir William, Sir Robin and Sir Llewellyn come to claim their due, Charlotte must choose between her Royal heritage, and winning the heart of her one true love.

Or must she?

Which of them should she wed? And, how can she decide on just one? What’s to become of the man who has loved her from afar, when she does?

Filled with ribaldry unmatched since the Middle Ages, a tale is spun that pulls in the Knights of the Round Table, Guinevere and even King Arthur himself! Strong, handsome men, with powerful swords and ravenous appetites compete in a display of wanton passion, lust and sexual prowess.

Contains explicit situations.

Heat Level: 5

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About the Authors

CHERA ZADE loves writing sexy, sordid stories that sizzle through history. And she’s always working to give you more hot sex with hunky historical heroes that will satisfy your rough and riskiest cravings. Chera’s stories cover the world of tough, rugged men who ravage their women with wanton lust and romance.
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ELSBETH MAERWYNN spends her days walking the forests near her isolated home, thinking naughty thoughts and daydreaming. At night, she transforms those randy musings with her own experiences and puts it all to paper. She hopes to excite her readers with tales of rough, sexy men taking them over and over, until they are sated and satisfied.

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