Free: It’s beginning to feel an awful lot like love.

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July, 15th, 2021.

Deliciously hot, irresistably naughty. His Pretend Baby will grab you by the heart and simply not let you go ’til the very end. Gripping, sensational romance that everyone can read for no cost today. 

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His Pretend Baby:
50 Loving Stages, Oregon
(Ruthless Bosses Book 1)


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So I was pretty sure my dead ex-boyfriend’s brother hated me…until he asked me to marry him. And pretend his brother’s baby–which I’m carrying, BTW–is really his.

So now I’m suddenly the wife of a quirky tech billionaire, and falling in like with him so fast, it’s beginning to feel an awful lot like love. But we both have issues, and there are shadows creeping around the edges of our fledgling relationship. Can two people as different as we are make a pretend relationship real?

Find out if the Freak and the Geek can find their way to a happy ending in this unique standalone interracial romance. Perfect for readers who like their heroines off-beat and their alphas super geeky.

What the Reviews Say

I really, really loved it. I tend to have a soft spot for ‘on the spectrum’ heroes and Go (Rodrigo) was pure delight. Nyla was cool too. This book was pretty much flawless.

Go is new, different, and a fresh take on an Alpha Male — 5 Star Review

I always enjoy reading love stories of couples with different personalities. Where do I begin.. hero Go (Rodrigo) is somewhat on the spectrum with poor social skills and sensory processing issue (which mind you made the Hot scenes HOTTER.. way hotter).

This is my first book by this author and if everything she writes is like this…I’ve found a new favorite author!!!

Words can’t describe how awesome this book was. Nyla and Go’s story was a fast and emotional ride on so many levels. Nyla and Go balanced each other out in so many ways.