Free BadBoy Romance: She can’t fight her attraction to him.

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July, 29th, 2021.

Sinfully naughty, deliciously alpha romance! Kingdom’s Reign: A Bad Boy Biker Romance has a steamy plot that will have you gripped and a hotter-than-the-sun alpha male you’ll absolutely adore.

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Kingdom’s Reign:
A Bad Boy Biker Romance (The Demon Squad MC Book 1)

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A grieving biker. A love jaded attorney. Can they heal each other’s wounds?

Since the death of his patch brother, Kingdom has felt nothing but rage and loss. Until, he meets Sage on a trip to a tattoo shop to get fresh ink for his fallen brother. She’s sexy. Brilliant. And exactly the kind of challenge that makes him ache. If asked whether he deserves her, Kingdom’s straight-up answer would be, hell no. But, nothing will stop him from taking what’s his. Not even her.

Being a no-nonsense defense attorney, the second Sage caught her fiancé cheating she’d sworn off men. While breaking that rule for a tatted up member of an MC seems like a monumentally bad idea, she can’t fight her attraction to Kingdom. When he invites her on a ride, she finds herself wanting so much more. Sage yearns to indulge in one of the sexiest and most dangerous men she’s met, but fears risking her battered heart.

Can the unlikely pair help each other move on from the wounds of the past? Or will club tensions with a rival MC find a way to use their weaknesses against them?

Kingdom’s Reign is a steamy, standalone bad boy biker romance with plenty of heat.
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What the Reviews Say

This is a well written tale which is raw, gritty, intense, emotional, and is a steamy and all-consuming story. I was hooked and intrigued throughout, and I will certainly be looking out for this authors’ work in the future, and I recommend this story for all MC lovers.

I loved this book, it had me hooked since the first page. I highly recommend this to those who love spicy novels.

The chemistry between these two is on fire and the banter is hilarious. Great debut novel, I am really looking forward to the next installment of the series!!

I just had to keep going since it was hard to put down, another book hangover.

Kingdom and Sage have chemistry off the charts but their lives couldn’t be more opposite. He’s a rough, dirty talking biker and she is a prim and proper attorney. The author takes the reader on one bumpy, sexy ride as Kingdom and Sage lives start to intertwine.

About the Author

Growing up in New York City, I used to walk the hot pavements in the melting heat of the long summers, and dream. Uptown to downtown, eastside to the westside, and underground to catch a subway racing out into the boroughs. During my wanderings, my magic pencil spun out fantasies full of romance, with first meetings, heartbreaks, and reunions. Sometimes my boy crush (unrequited, of course) starred as the hero.

I grew up, and after a stint in art school, became a lawyer ‘cuz a woman’s got to make a living. I came from parents who fled to France as refugees, and as an attorney, I dedicated my work to helping survivors of trauma and persecution.

I believe in them. In their grit, in their determination to hold on, to pull through and, somehow, someway, to keep themselves intact, body and soul.

Perhaps that is why I am drawn to writing stories of men and women who live through heart-rending pain, desperate yearnings and, ultimately, reach a place of redemption.

For a long time, I fought the urge to veer off the expected, safe path until I couldn’t go on unless I took a chance and made a change. I began to write, stopped, and began again. Finally, I gave in and here I am.

Come join me on my journey…