Forget about my cheating ex.

Our recommended read for today,
May, 18th, 2021.

Healing from heartbreak and falling for each other.  Two for Dinner is a fabulous rom-com filled with steamy romance and great banter as a booking mixup leads to more than they’d imagined possible. You will swoon with this HEA.

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Two for Dinner
(Steam and Giggles Book 2)

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How did my life end up like a late 1990’s movie…

…Runaway Bride meets sexy billionaire

My plan was simple.

♥ Escape to a private island.

♥ Bask in the sunshine

♥ Forget about my cheating ex.

What I didn’t count on…

…was the appearance of the island’s owner and his sexy verbal sparring skills.

Find out what happens when a reservation mix-up has these two stuck together on a remote island.

What the Reviews Say

I really had a good time reading this book. It has the main romcom vibes that you get from most books in this genre, but the witty banter and strong characters set this apart from the ordinary. The writing is fast-paced, but didn’t skip over details, and I feel I built a good connection with the characters.

It’s not often I fall so hard for a book written by an author I’ve never read before, but when it happens it’s awesome!

OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK! Irene and Damien are an insta love couple!

I loved this book! It gave me all the feels and then some! The chemistry between these two are off the charts yummy!

Great story, great characters. The first few pages I thought this is so predictable. It wasn’t. Yes, insta-love and HEA. It’s the in between I didn’t expect. It settled into it quickly and these people became my friends.