Finding Nerve (The Last Shot Tavern Series)

Katie is done with innocence.

After a health scare, Katie realizes how much she’s been holding herself back. So she propositions her brother’s best friend, Blake, who’s never slept with any woman more than once. All she wants is her only time with him to be her first time. He doesn’t even need to know she’s loved him forever.

Blake enjoys his loose lifestyle.

With all the years of one-night stands, Blake knows his friend will kill him if he touches his sister. Besides, Katie’s too sweet for the likes of him, so he definitely won’t take her up on her offer.

After Blake turns her down, Katie begins to explore her sexy side, and her naivete attracts the wrong type of man. When Blake comes to her rescue, the inevitable happens. And for the first time, one time will never be enough.

Now he just has to convince her he actually means that. And himself that he’s worthy of her, despite all the history that says otherwise.

With angsty pasts healed through love, and heroes who are gentle everywhere but in bed, The Last Shot Tavern series contains interconnected standalones with no cliff hangers and all the steam.

Amber Warden’s stories often include characters overcoming tragic pasts or current hardships and may include situations that not everyone would like to read. Content notes are included in the look inside to help you decide if this story is for you.

The Last Shot Tavern Series
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Finding Nerve – Blake and Katie
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