Faking it makes me want the real thing.

Our recommended read for today,
April, 28th, 2020.

Secret baby romance with the taboo of an office romance! Married to My Boss is a steamy adventure filled with romance, hope and love. A wonderful new second chance, fake husband story with a happy ever after to make you smile all day. Read it now.

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Married to my Boss: A Secret Baby Romance

What if I married my boss…
That’s also my former flame and baby daddy?

Drew and I were from two different worlds,
But for one blissful week in college,
We experienced passion only true lovers could feel.
Then it ended.

Now six years later, I’m on the other side of the country,
And I see him across a crowded room.
It’s a fluke, I tell myself. I just imagined it.
San Francisco is a big city. I’ll never see him again… Right?
Until I walk into the most important interview of my life.
And come face-to-face with my new boss.

But this can be a win-win situation.
I need him to help me score my dream job.
And asking him to pretend to be my husband is my only option.
But what happens when faking it makes me want the real thing?

And if he discovers more of what has happened while I’ve been gone…
Can he handle being a fake husband and a real father?

What the Reviews Say

They spend a blissful week together before they have a huge fight and Drew leaves forever. Six years later they meet again. Rivalry. A gift. An interview. Guilt. An old love. A cute little boy. What a wonderful story.

This was an enjoyable, smile-worthy story that just made my heart melt. The characters were fun, believable, and very ‘into’ one another!!! Great story!!!

Great story. I loved the sacrifice Drew made for Asia. He was the poor kid who worked so hard to aim for what was important. But he let it go to give her the dream she wanted. Do they work things out when the truth is exposed? Or was that the final straw for breaking any possible relationship now?

I enjoyed this book. Ms Rose brought it to the table with the sacrifices, labor of love, steamy love scenes and the happy ever after.

They agree to a fake marriage only their feelings get in the way. They fall in love with each other only they don’t tell each other. This is a fantastic romance with wonderful characters & their chemistry is of the charts. Their son Oliver is a special young guy who steals your heart. I so enjoyed reading this book, I couldn’t put it down!